Joseph Dirk

Joseph Dirk

Owner / Personal Trainer

10+ years experience

Achievements / Awards:

  • 4 time Canadian Arm-Wrestling Champion
  • 4th place, 2006 World Arm-Wrestling Championships - England
  • 7th place, 2007 World Arm-Wrestling Championships - Bulgaria
  • 2nd place, 2008 World Arm-Wrestling Championships - Kelowna


Joseph Dirk has been involved in the Fitness Industry since 2007 when he started arm wrestling. He ended up creating a name for himself in the Arm Wrestling world winning 4 consecutive Canadian Arm-Wrestling Championships and placing 4th in the world in England (2006) 7th Bulgaria (2007) and 2nd in Kelowna, BC, Canada (2008). He then switched to Body building at the age of 21.

Joseph has posted his progress via Social Media showing his transformation starting from 130LBS gaining his way up to 195LBS over the course of 5 years. He is an active member in the community and has a true passion for helping individuals reach their fitness goals.

Joseph is also proud to be a Sponsored Ambassador for the #beripped clothing line.

Photos of Joseph Dirk:

  • Joseph Dirk - SABBA 2018
  • Joseph Dirk